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Soup Night

Dip in to 99 recipes for glorious soups to warm the soul, plus 40 recipes for bread, salad, and dessert. Color photos.

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Maggie Stuckey loves soup so much she created Soup Night. The host makes a pot or two of soup; the guests-neighbors, friends, soon-to-be-friends-bring the rest. Soup Night is happening everywhere in the U.S., but you don't need to host a major event to love the flavor, simplicity, and versatility of 99 recipes for soups (each with variations on how to make it vegetarian, how to make it ahead, and how to super-size it) and 40 recipes for bread, salad, and dessert from home cooks across America. There are some really glorious soups and sides here, such as Pear-Blue Cheese Soup, Pumpkin Chicken Chowder, Red Pepper-Tomato Bisque, Strawberry Gazpacho, Spinach-Almond Salad, and Cornbread Soufflé. Color photos.
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  • Author: Maggie Stuckey
  • Publisher: Storey Publishing Llc
  • Release date: Nov 2, 2013
  • ISBN: 978161212997
  • Format: Softcover
  • Commitment Credit: 1
  • Book Search Plus: No
  • Warnings: No warnings
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  • Length: 9.000
  • Width: 8.000

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